#phonar – Task III

27 Oct

Unphotographable Phiction

Working alone, you should choose one of Michael David Murphy’s  “Unphotographable” posts and create a multimedia narrative. You should use your own images, new or from your archive and you should create an accompanying soundscape.

Preparation for the task: Paul Adkins explains the technics of the studio


This is a picture I did not take of a girl riding her bicycle in slow circles at twilight in the parking lot of a motel that advertises weekly rates, the sound of trucks on the nearby highway leavened by the buzz of the motel’s flickering neon sign, pinkly illuminating the girl’s face each time she looped toward it, a swarm of early-evening mosquitos drunkenly following in her wake.”

[Vimeo 16669447]


(taken from getty images)

(taken from getty images)

(taken from flickr)

(taken from getty images)

(taken from flickr)

(taken from getty images)


2 Responses to “#phonar – Task III”

  1. Jonathan Worth 28. October 2010 at 07:08 #


  2. Paul (Elfaen) 10. November 2010 at 00:01 #

    Fantastic. I considered doing this one myself but i didnt think i could do the invoked imagery justice within the Uk. However these are the images i saw in my mind when i read it, even down to a caddy pulling into the motel and the harsh pink haze of neon lights hue’ing an image to a two tone effect.

    Nice work!

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