Trans-Media Storytelling

13 Dec

You should source and develop a subject whose story you tell through the production and broadcast of a “trans-media portrait”; a phrase that we’ve investigated over the course of the class. Your decisions throughout  this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in
creative workshop and throughout the lecture series.

The “Trans Media-ness” of your project will be the degree to which you engage the community of context that surround the issues your narrative discusses. The multi media tool kit that we have used so far as well as the challenges different approaches to story-telling (transformative, collaborative etc) present are things you should now bring to bear on the story that you want to tell.
So, what/who’s story are you going to tell? What are the broader issues that your project will be discussing? Who will be most interested in hearing and engaging with this story ? How are you going to facilitate this? 

Due to the fact that the internet in the Coventry University Library is soooo slow! I couldn’t upload the video until I came back home… But don’t worry 🙂 I handed in the task before 4 p.m. today… George is my witness 🙂

Here you go!

[Vimeo 17768968] 

Need some explanation? Then go on reading…

What have I learned in this module? I learnt basically what trans-media is. To put it in my own words I would say that trans-media is like a synergy from different sources and channels. That means that trans-media storytelling builds up a collective plot, which got different elements from different category groups. Therefore, you build up a trans-media story within a networked community to help you to get different ideas and creative influences for your trans-media story. That means that your involved community must have a relation to your issue you are talking about.

In the following I am going to describe how I realised the idea of trans-media within my own story.

Everybody reads books and have at least a favourite author or a favourite book. So the issue book came up to my mind. Furthermore, I also like to read books and therefore I decided to work on this topic.  This means that I had to find a community that deals with books. I know that most of my friends like to read a lot of books. So I decided to involve as many friends as possible to build up a story around their inputs.

Therefore, I wrote a note on my Facebook wall and on my blog with the demand to send me their favourite sentence from their favourite book. Furthermore, I used Twitter to engage more people then just from my community. Some even retweeted the message so a wider community became involved.

After a while I received some answers. So I started to compile all sentences and tried to build up a new story from these sentences. So in the end I had a list from various narratives, which I tried to order in a sequence that made sense.

Furthermore I have chosen a picture to underline my story. You can see an open book, which is held by a man. Everything is normal except the letters – they are “falling out” from the book. What do I want to express with this picture? I wanted to show that the way just letters do not make sense (because of the missing context from the word) a single sentence also does not make sense because the context of the story is missing. Moreover I have chosen this picture because it shows how the letters fall down and form new words and therefore sentences and therefore a story. So I placed the compiled sentences under the pictures to express this idea.

Therefore, I built (or invented) a new context in which the single sentences got a new sense. I put them all together so in the end the sentences could again be seen and understood within a context. One can say that I am the author from the new story now.

To underline my intention of trans-media I used sound furthermore. I picked a song without voices so the listener/reader is not distracted by another story. In addition I added another sound to imitate the sound of the letters that are falling out from the book. For this sound I used a plastic bottle filled with rice. I recorded the sound while I turned the bottle. For me the noise sounds like letters falling out.

So in the end I used multiple media formats: printed texts, digital texts, images and sound.

This is my trans-media story!


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